“Monterey Marina in Early Morning”

Determined to paint boats and learn their intricacies, I am gradually getting to them. Yesterday, on my way to paint boats, I was distracted by the water. Today, I avoided the distraction but, as you can see, have still to focus in closely on individual boats, though at least I’m making progress in that direction. Perhaps tomorrow I will actually stand in front of one and paint it, and just it!
My father lives on a boat in the Monterey harbor, not in this marina though. But having a license to live on his boat in the harbor gives him a key to all of the facilities of the harbor including this marina. So, I can get past the locked gate with his extra key. Tomorrow I will.
He and I met for coffee then scouted out some spots in the marina this morning after I painted “Monterey Marina in Early Morning”, a 14″x11″ oil on canvas board plein air painting. More details about this painting are at http://robertlewisart.com/catalog/604.html.
The training is working. Early to bed and eating right has raised my energy level. Perhaps….no promises…I may paint two tomorrow.

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