“The Landscape Illuminated” Exhibit

The sun washes over the landscape, shining on the world without holding back, without withholding its light from one thing and giving to another. The good and the bad, the indifferent and the involved alike receive its illumination, its clarity, and its warmth. Sparkles of sunlight make their way through branches and brambles, hitting the ground soundly in a beam of dispassionate intent that inspires an intense passion for its beauty.

The landscape is illuminated, glows in a reality that we often take for granted, especially as we become accustomed to the beauty that surrounds us in this special place, the coast of California from Monterey to Big Sur. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that people pay thousands to come and stay here just to be overwhelmed by the sunny beauty, the twisted trees, the glowing rosea, and sparkling surf.

Here are some paintings in oil, oil warmed by the sun in the field, and a few painted in the studio, of distant lands, such as the Monet’s garden in Giverny. But mostly, the landscape surrounding us is the landscape illuminated here.

Descriptions of the paintings are located here.

“The Landscape Illuminated” exhibit opened Friday, June 3rd, 2011 at the Pacific Grove Art Center and continues through July 13th. The exhibit contains about 25 paintings of recent times, paintings that are good examples of my oil painting work.

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